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Glebova Evgeniya

Cosmetologist, trainer Skin Tech Pharma Group, RRS Long Lasting "ANK Aesthetic Group"

Movchan Ekaterina

Dermatocosmetologist, trainer "ANK Aesthetic Group" Odessa

Soklakova Tatiana

Cosmetologist, head of Lore klinik, trainer of "ANK Aesthetic Group", Kharkov

Ilyasova Ekaterina

Doctor-cosmetologist, trainer "ANK Aesthetic Group", Kiev

Kroshka Nadezhda

Cosmetologist, crypto-left surgeon, coach of "ANK Aesthetic Group" Kyiv

Antonyuk Igor

Surgeon, laser therapist, trainer "ANK Aesthetic Group" Kiev

Marina Nikitina

Pharmacist-cosmetologist, cosmetologist-esthetician, candidate of pharmaceutical sciences, trainer "ANK Aesthetic Group", Kharkov

Leschak Nadezhda

Dermatocosmetologist, coach of "ANK Aesthetic Group"

Razinkina Oksana

Doctor dermatocosmetologist, trainer "ANK Aesthetic Group"

Goncharenko Yana

Dermatocosmetologist, trainer of ANC Aesthetic Group

Nazarova Irina

Doctor-cosmetologist, trainer "ANK Aesthetic Group", Dnipro

Mikhailova Irina

Doctor-cosmetologist of the Compliment clinic, certified specialist in the field of injection, hardware and thread techniques, trainer of "ANK Aesthetic Group"

Anastasia Khotylenko

Cosmetologist-esthetician, trainer "ANK Aesthetic Group" Kiev

Tsekhmistrenko Ivan

Obstetrician-gynecologist, cosmetologist, specialist in aesthetic gynecology. Perinatal Center in Kiev Medical Center R +, trainer "ANK Aesthetic Group"

Lependin Oleg

Plastic surgeon, doctor of aesthetic medicine, trainer in contour and volumetric plastic surgery of the face, trainer "ANK Aesthetic Group"

Sokol Vyacheslav

K.M.N., Associate Professor of the Department of Forensic Medicine, Medical Jurisprudence, KhNMU, trainer "ANK Aesthetic Group"

Klyuchkovskaya Yaroslava

Cosmetologist, coach of "ANK-Aesthetic Group"

Lorienchuk Yuliana

Pharmacist-cosmetologist, cosmetologist-aesthetic, trainer "ANK Aesthetic Group"

Chernyshova Karina

Physician-cosmetologist, cosmetologist-aesthetician, trainer "ANK Aesthetic Group"

Divo Lana

Cosmetologist-esthetician, trainer "ANK Aesthetic Group"


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