Ultra Lift ultrasonic device



  • ultrasonic peeling;
  • phonophoresis.

Ultra Lift is easy and convenient, perfect for ultrasonic peeling and phonophoresis, provides visible results after the very first session.

25 KHz motion frequency of ultrasonic spatula, allows deep skin cleansing, removing dirt, keratinized cells, skin fat, blockages of sebaceous glands, comedones.


The procedure is non-traumatic and painless. Ultrasonic peeling procedure perfectly cleans the skin, improves blood circulation, accelerates lymph efflux ensuring natural skin hydration and

recovery of the epidermis upper layer.

  • duration: up to 15 min;
  • frequency: 25 KHz.

Ultrasonic introduction of cosmetics is conducted after ultrasonic peeling with the help of reverse side of the spatula under 25KHz frequency, it allows penetration of different active ingredients to derm.


After the very first ultrasonic peeling and phonophoresis session skin recovers its natural color, becomes soft and velvet

  • duration: 10 – 20 min;
  • frequency: 25 KHz.
  • voltage: 5V;
  • ultrasonic frequency: 3W;
  • frequency control: microprocessor;
  • manual operation mode;
  • contact application;
  • nature of oscillation: Piezo element;
  • motion frequency: 25 KHz;
  • step mode: step 10%;

weight: 0,6 kg.