Palomar Emerge™


New Palomar Emerge™ — is a compact fractional laser that uses laser micro-beams technology and has installed treatment protocols.

Compact size and reasonable price make Emerge™ laser suitable even for little beauty salons.

User-friendly interface, developed protocols with pre-installed setting, easiness of operation and maintenance allow secondary and tertiary health education professionals to master Emerge™ independently


Emerge™ laser can improve the appearance of:

  • fractional laser skin rejuvenation in face, neck and décolletage areas;
  • rejuvenation of skin in wrists, elbows and knees area;
  • stretch marks on stomach, breast and hips;
  • pigmented lesions;
  • surgical scars.


Benefits of Emerge™ laser:

  • little to no downtime;
  • does not require anesthetic;
  • no disposable costs;
  • easy to use;
  • widely used with contour correction and botulinotherapy;
  • high return on investment


Anti-aging procedures remain the most popular in aesthetics as patients are frequently concerned with wrinkles, pigmentation and vascular lesions. Today non-ablative fractional laser procedures for skin revitalization are most in demand. Fractional non-ablative skin revitalization – is proven effective method of any-age aesthetic treatment.


Palomar Emerge™ — proven micro-fractional method by world know manufactures – Palomar, the inventor of micro-fractional laser skin revitalization.


U.S. Patent No: 6.997.923 B2 Filed: Dec 27, 2001


Operation principle: The Emerge features diode laser technology using the principles of fractional photothermolysis.

Emerge laser pulses are delivered as an array of micro-beams to create columns of coagulation in the epidermis and dermis while leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected. The procedure activates collagen genesis with new collagen and elastin production. Rehabilitation is really fast so the very next day after procedure patient can get back to everyday activities. The tissue between columns of coagulation remains unaffected and healthy, which makes the procedure painless and safe. Quantity of collagen and elastin results in skin turgor and young appearance.  That’s why Palomar Emerge™ methods provides visible results after the very first procedure.


Palomar Emerge™ laser has adjustable depth of fractional micro-beams penetration depending on the skin problems; density of coagulation columns can also be regulated.


Emerge™ laser  has three light delivery modes:

  • manual activation – for focused treatments areas;
  • AutoStamp – for faster treatments;
  • AutoGlide – for ease of use and enhanced comfort.


Five Palomar® pre-set parameters: for individual treatment of every patient depending on skin problems (professional medical approach mode).

wavelength: 1410 nm;

treatment window: 8 mm х 12 mm;

density of coagulation columns: 1-10 (depending on user);

power of coagulation columns 8-30 mj/mb;

pulse duration 4-20 ms;

operation modes: Manual activation, AutoStamp, AutoGlide ;

pulse frequency: 30 Hz;

max power input : 30 W;

weight: 3kg.