Ref: 7390010

Recovery complex:

The combination of yeast extract, beta-glucan derivatives and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid.
Yeast extract restores the protective function of the skin and reduces sensitivity. Stimulates the restoration of damaged skin. Increases the number of Langerhans cells responsible for the protective functions of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid refers to glucosaminoglycans (GAGs), polysaccharides containing amino sugar. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid maintains a sufficient level of hydration of various layers of the skin due to its high ability to retain water. Strengthens the relationship between keratinocytes by limiting transepidermal water loss.

Post peeling:

  • Regenerating and restoring effect
  • Stimulates cell renewal
  • Intensely moisturizes
  • Reduces transepidermal water loss

Recovery complex:
Soothes, protects the skin;