T-Shock Gel 1 kg

Ref: TM001

The basic principle of the T-Shock 31 procedure is the combined action of 31 medicinal plants specially selected by phytotherapists.
The components of the plants, combined according to a unique formulation, form the basis of the T-Shock gel and salt that are used during the procedure.

– bark of a mimosa tree, pineapple;
– burdock root, centella asiatica;
– Chinese camellia, birch leaves;
-green tea, yarrow;
– horse chestnut, cornflower;
– spirea, carrots;
– wort grass, fennel seeds;
– horsetail, fucus vesicular;
– grapes, ginseng;
– hops, rosehip seeds;
– blackberries, sage;
– dandelion root, black elderberry;
– Cocoa bones, Althea officinalis;
– creeping grass.