Rassod-El Gel 1 kg

Ref: TM0030

The only treatment that contains extracts of 4 types of tea: Chinese camellia, linear aspalatus (rooibos), rosella flowers (hibiscus), kombuk. It has a powerful antioxidant, tightening effect, strengthens the pink pigments of the skin, giving it a healthy and fresh color.

The gel is saturated with vitamins necessary for beauty and health of the skin, which allows you to effectively act on the epidermis, increasing its elasticity and firmness.
When applied to the chest area, the gel creates a push-up effect.
The T-Shock Rassod-El Gel turns into a real tea ceremony!

Use during the T-Shock procedure before applying the classic T-Shock gel.
Apply the gel with massage movements on the entire body, including the chest and décolleté, until completely absorbed.
After applying a gel that enhances the wrapping effect, continue the procedure according to the traditional scheme.

Extracts of 4 types of tea:
– Chinese camellia;
-spalatus linear (rooibos);
– Rosella flowers (hibiscus);