We work for you.
For over 15 years Academy of Scientific Beauty has been developing Ukrainian market of medical aesthetics, raising it to high quality progressive level.
Full range of beauty industry services
All necessary technologies any type of beauty business: from aesthetic devices and injectable drugs to professional products.
Available for you in all regions of Ukraine
Academy of Scientific Beauty has its offices in all key cities of Ukraine, ensuring perfect communication with its partners and beauty therapist all around the country.
Efficient education and support
Numerous learning events support specialists in studying newest market technologies and rends, as well as proprietary technologies of leading experts.
Academy of Scientific Beauty – your reliable partner
Academy of Scientific Beauty has initiated “Turnkey Business” concept and dominates in this direction. Unique decisions in modern Beauty Centers developing and equipment.
Keeping up with the times
Academy of Scientific Beauty is one of the most progressive companies at Ukrainian market of aesthetic medicine.
(Русский) НОВЫЕ ВОЗМОЖНОСТИ ДЛЯ Контурной Пластики
(Русский) Новый филлер YVOIRE принадлежит пятому поколению инъекционных препаратов для контурной пластики и биоревитализации.
Latest offers
Machine Cosmetology solving problems of your clients.
- Skin resurfacing;
- Aesthetic correction;
- Silhouette forming;
- Epilation;
We are ready to match the most efficient, safe, sustainable and profit-making equipment for your beauty salon or clinic.
Buy only proven brands
We provide “Turnkey business” service
Academy of Scientific Beauty offers a wide range of training services for cosmetologists and business owners
Our team
Patsanovskaya-Horba Ekaterina
general director of the company "Academy of Scientific Beauty"
Troshina Elena
Financial Director of the company "Academy of Scientific Beauty"
Tatyana Stelmashchuk
– Head of Marketing Department
(Русский) Юлия Глинская
(Русский) Бренд менеджер TM STPG, TM Yvoire
Prukhnitskaya Lyudmyla
brand manager directions
equipment, Vivax, Centro Messegue
(Русский) Глебова Евгения
(Русский) Врач-косметолог, технолог косметических средств, аспирант КМАПО им.Шупика, национальный тренер PerriconeMD и Revitacare.
Руководитель Обучающего Центра компании "Академия Научной Красоты"
г. Киев
Irha Lina
Obstetrician-gynecologist, gynecologist, endocrinologist-gynecologist. Leading Specialist, Department Head Medical Center "Dopomoga Plus Feofaniya"
Trainer of the Academy of Scientific Beauty
Lyudmila Bezpalko
- Candidate of Medicine, plastic surgeon, coach of Academy of Scientific Beauty
(Русский) Михайлова Ирина
(Русский) Врач-косметолог, клиники Комплимент, сертифицированный специалист
в области инъекционных, аппаратных и нитевых методик.
Тренер «Академии Научной Красоты» по направлению anti-aging
г. Киев
Ihor Antonyuk
– surgeon, laser therapist, coach of Academy of Scientific Beauty on Palomar systems, Sorisa equipment, IVEA Technologie, Ultra Lift, Cryo Pro
Kroshka Nadezhda
Doctor - aesthetic medicine, maxillofacial surgeon. Trainer of the Academy of Scientific Beauty
Kisimes Xenia
Dermatologist, cosmetologist, trichologist
Trainer "Academy of Scientific Beauty"
Katerina Ilyasova
– beauty therapist, coach of Academy of Scientific Beauty
Marina Nikitina
Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Assistant of the Department in the NUPh, aesthetic cosmetologist
Trainer "Academy of Scientific Beauty"
Harkov city
(Русский) Олег Лепендин
(Русский) Пластический хирург, доктор эстетической медицины, -клиника косметической хирургии "Визит-Косметик",
Тренер "Академии Научной Красоты"
г. Киев
(Русский) Цокур Леонид
(Русский) Врач- реабилитолог
Тренер "Академии Научной Красоты"
Yana Honcharenko
– dermatologist, coach of Academy of Scientific Beauty
Babich Ekaterina
Dermatologist, cosmetologist. Trainer of the Academy of Scientific Beauty
Dnipro city
Movchan Ekaterina
Doctor - Dermatocosmetologist. Trainer of the Academy of Scientific Beauty
Odessa city
Our affiliate’s addresses throughout Ukraine
For 15 years we have collected a library of knowledge in the world of beauty and are confident that this knowledge will be useful for you