Ref: 00025

International name: taurine.
Release form: bottle of 8 ml.

Composition: 1% solution of taurine (2-aminoethane sulfonic acid).
Description: clear solution without precipitate.

  • sulfur-containing beta-amino acid is synthesized normally in almost all human tissues,
  • supports the functional state of cells,
  • increases the efficiency of cell pumps,
  • strengthens the cell membrane by producing lecithin in it,
  • protects the cell from damage by free radicals, prevents the development of “oxidative stress”,
  • restores glutathione (see GSH) and accelerates the utilization of destroyed cells,
  • improves glucose uptake into cells (while normalizing blood glucose levels),
  • participates in the processes of removing toxins from the cell,
  • provides optimal moisture exchange between keratinocytes and derma cells, which helps to prevent the formation of facial wrinkles,
  • anti-inflammatory
  • vasoprotective.


  • anti-aging programs
  • “Smoker’s skin”
  • violation of skin regeneration,
  • hair loss,
  • lipolytic programs.