PEEL2GLOW – Skin Radiance Peeling Safe Peeling for Home Use

Ref: PE - 00045

1) Ampoule PEEL-Acid peeling removes dry, flaky skin and prepares its main functions for activation with the GLOW ampoule.

2) GLOW ampoule – Restores the natural radiance of the skin, smoothes deep and small wrinkles. It gives the skin a healthy, fresh and radiant appearance.

Skin cleansing:

First PEEL ampoule

Peeling based on AHA acids, gently exfoliates keratinized layers of the skin, reducing the number of fine wrinkles and improving the appearance of the skin.
Glycolic acid;
-Mindal acid;
-Maleic acid.

2 GLOW ampoule formulas

Skin Bloom-GLOW

A powerful antioxidant moisturizing cocktail with instant refreshing effect – the skin looks healthy, fresh and radiant immediately after application.

Vitamins A, C and E, moisturizing complex.

Brightening & filling

Thanks to its concentration of innovative ingredients, it visibly smoothes, tightens, refills and regenerates the skin. Effective against signs of photoaging and uneven pigmentation, reduces the severity of deep and fine wrinkles, activates skin radiance.
Tranexamic acid;
Acetyl hexapeptide-38;
-Azelain + glycine complex;
-Stabilized Vitamin C.