MaxG —removal of pigmented and vascular lesions



  • couperosis, rosacea;
  • vascularity spot, telangiectasia
  • angioma, hemangioma, including children cure;
  • complicated pigmentation;
  • wine-spots;
  • photorejuvenation, photo-care.


Photo-rejuvenation and photo-care for better skin texture and color, pores contraction (face, neck, breast, arms, legs, back).


Operation principle

Delivering dual bands of wavelengths to selectively target MaxG directly impacts vessels and pigment.



  • any pigmented lesions treatment;
  • effective treatment of couperosis and rosacea;
  • unlike other systems MaxG is almost painless due to Palomar “smooth impulse” and “photon recirculation” patent-protected technologies as well as advances contact sapphire cooling CoolingSM;
  • allows safe maintenance of the highest energy levels for the best medical results;

double system of waves filtration guarantees targeted energy absorption by skin melanin and blood vessels hemoglobin , other tissues remain unaffected, which reduces risk of complications.

The treatment necessity grows evident earlier or later to everyone who cares of his/her appearance.

Clients are often concerned with couperose vascular network on face, neck and décolletage areas. It appears due to various reasons and it’s often impossible to detect why. Such vascular lesions don’t take part in skin blood supply, so they can be treated as unwanted,    abnormal elements. At the same time they cause significant esthetic discomfort and can be removed with confidence.


More complicated situation is observed with angiomas and hemangiomas. Simple angioma is bright red or blue flat lesion, consisting of varicose curved vessels. These are mainly inborn lesions known as birthmarks. Can appear on forehead, cheeks, and reach a hand-size.


Experts of best American and European clinics are experienced in treatment of such vascular lesions with green Palomar laser, it’s worth mentioning that no sclerostenosis is observed.


Our therapists prove the method efficacy using MaxG for birthmarks removal.

Safe and high power equipment is required for angiomas removal. It’s dangerous to use cheap lasers when treating such lesions as there is a high risk of burn and bleeding resulting in sclerostenosis. Beauty experts highly evaluate Palomar ICON for its high power and skin protection from heat.

type: OPL;

wavelength, nm 500-670;

screen size, mm 10 x 15;

energy, mJ/cm2 до 80;

max frequency, Hz 2;

ompulse, ms 1 100;

resource  180 – 200 000 impulses

guarantee resource 100 000 impulses.