IMPRESS-240 – smart pressure therapy system


  • Improved version of popular PRESOR-03. IMPRESS-240 is the most effective therapeutic method for activating the return circulatory system (venous and lymphatic), stimulating re-absorption and draining interstitial fluids towards the body’s filtering mechanisms;
  • IMPRESS-240 is an advanced pressure therapy system. Its construction and accessories design provide perfect contact with effected area. The device has exclusive blood pressure monitor that automatically adapts the treatment settings to the client’s blood pressure for optimum treatment safety;

IMPRESS-240 allows adjusting inflation time, rest time, treatment time, inflation sequences and the pressure reached in each compartment. (boots, sleeves or girdle).

Pressure therapy indications:

  • activating the venous and lymphatic return circulatory system;
  • preventing of varicose veins;
  • lymphoedema and venous oedema;
  • post-operative oedema (mastectomy, etc);
  • post-traumatic oedema;
  • edematous and mixed cellulite;
  • preventing thrombosis in bedridden patients;
  • keeping the circulatory system in good condition;
  • preventing complications after cosmetic surgery;
  • preventing complications after liposuction or liposculpture;
  • body detox.

Maximum safety

  • pressure monitor automatically adapts the treatment settings to the client’s blood pressure for optimum treatment safety;
  • the boots are divided into flaps that apply even pressure all over the surface, preventing the
  • formation of fluid accumulations;
  • rigid sole, assuring the treatment starts adequately from the distal point of the extremity;
  • girdle for treating the abdominal area allows choosing a right place for its location depending on the individual dimensions, avoiding breast compression;
  • boots consisting of 3 parts allow selecting a right size for every client.


Individualised  pressure therapy

  • device features 6 treatment modes, each consisting of 7 pre-set programs (intensive, inguinal, physiological, sequential, lymphatic and combined);
  • the boots have seven outputs with independent regulators, to enable the pressure in each to be independently increased or decreased.


Easy maintenance

all the accessories are made of highly resistant, easy-to-clean materials

  • power: 115 VA;
  • dimensions: 504х467х1421 mm;
  • weight: 25kg;
  • given programs: 45;
  • maximum output pressure:
  • without blood pressure monitoring. – 140 mm Hg;
  • with blood pressure monitoring: – 90 % systolic pressure;