Tightening and firmness of the skin, as well as correction of the silhouette without surgery.

HIPRO / HIPRO-S delivers HIFU energy to the SMAS layer (4.5 mm) and the deep dermis (3 mm), and causes thermal coagulation of the selected zone. Thus, the SMAS layer is reduced, and the skin of the face becomes taut, and collagen formation in the dermis is also stimulated, making the skin more elastic.

A penetration depth of 1.5 mm is used to narrow the forehead and periorbital area.
The HYPRO S cosmetology device is available in 2 forms. For small and large offices.

There are 5 types of cartridges in the kit:
1.5 mm – for forehead procedures
3 mm – for procedures in the field of dermis,
Stimulates collagen production and modifies it for skin elasticity
4.5 mm – to reduce SMAS,
Thermal coagulation in the SMAS layer, resulting in a reduction in SMAS and face lifting
8 mm – 13 mm – for body treatments. With deep penetration, the fat layer decomposes on the body, including fat folds in the abdomen, as a result the silhouette becomes more toned and contoured.