HAPPY Intim® Rebirth Gel

Ref: HI-00001

HAPPY Intim® Rebirth Gel is a preparation for rejuvenating and hydrating the skin in the genital area, treating photo aging of the skin and its effects, treating skin atrophy. Hyaluronic acid is solubilized in a “biorevitalizant” solution consisting of amino acids with hydrating and antioxidant properties that stabilize hyaluronic acid. The amino acid solution promotes the filling effect of hyaluronic acid by transporting the amino acids necessary for maintaining the intercellular matrix to the dermis.

The HAPPY Intim® Rebirth Gel procedure should only be performed by a certified specialist.

The procedure is convenient and takes about 30 minutes.

It does not require additional time for recovery.

If necessary, the specialist can repeat the procedure after two weeks – on average after a month.

Packing: 1 syringe – 5 ml


Hyaluronic acid, arginine, glycine.