AROMA GRAND – diode laser for hair removal


AROMA GRAND diode laser for hair removal – generates a wavelength of 808 nm.
The purpose of the radiation is the pigment melanin in the hair follicles. The pigment easily absorbs laser energy, overheats and eventually collapses. Together with him, the hair bulb dies, and is not able to produce more hair growth. Nozzle 800 W, has a stable and high power level. A large spot area of ​​18.5 x 14.2 mm and a high flash rate (10 per second) can significantly reduce the duration of the procedure, and powerful cooling makes the procedure comfortable and safe for the client.

Benefits of AROMA GRAND
-Easy to manage, intuitive interface.

-Diode laser allows you to remove hair even on dark skin.

-Availability of sapphire contact cooling.

– The procedure takes less than 15 minutes for one zone.

-The procedure is almost painless.

– Thanks to the ergonomic shape of the maniple, the beautician is able to handle even hard-to-reach areas.

-The resource of manipulation is 10 million flashes.

-Effective and long lasting result.

– The device does not require maintenance, has high reliability and a long resource.