Ultra Lift C ultrasonic device



  • ultrasonic peeling;
  • phonophoresis;
  • ultrasonic


The device enables ultrasonic cavitation procedure for effective cellulite and localized fat deposits treatment, professional face, neck and décolletage care.

Three types of ultrasonic waves: low-frequency 25KHz, cavitation 35-45 KHZ and high frequency 2,5 MHz enable multifunction application of Ultra Lift C.



The device combines most popular ultrasonic face and body techniques. Differentiated price policy and customized approach to each client make it very attractive.


Touch display shows stages of the procedure; each stage is supplied with comprehensive information in Russian, facilitating work of beauty experts.


Now full-rate ultrasonic cavitation 40 KHz procedure is more accessible.

  • anti-age;
  • skin tightness and elasticity retention – atony, fading and sagging skin;
  • microcirculation improvement – water retention, couperosis;
  • normalization of the sebaceous glands functioning – oily skin with comedones, seborrhea, keratosis;
  • acne;


Two types of ultrasonic waves are applied:

  • 25KHz – for optimal skin cleaning;
  • 2,5 MHz frequency penetrating to 5-6 mm depth is used for skin toning and phonophoresis.


Ultrasonic peeling is the most gentle and deep skin cleansing treatment removing dirt, keratinized cells, skin fat, blockages of sebaceous glands, comedones.


Phonophoresis is conducted after ultrasonic peeling and allows penetration of different active ingredients to derm. It’s worth mentioning that phonophoresis provides continuous effect of the cosmetics during few days following the procedure. Visible effect is achieved after the very first session.

  • duration: 30 min
  • ultrasonic frequency: 25 KHz and 2,5MHzUltrasonic cavitation for bodyshapingThe device developed for advance cellulite and visible localized fat deposits treatment, skin tone enhancement.

    Low-frequency 35-45 KHz ultrasound has high penetrability, effecting at the depth up to 6 cm, i.e the level of fat cellular containing a lot of water. Formation of “cavitation bubbles” in liquid results in their collapse, hydrodynamic impulse, destroying membranes and intercellular structures of fat cellules.

    Low-frequency acoustic wave is well-absorbed by tight conjunction tissues, producing defibrosing effect.

    Just one session results in 1-1,5 cm volume lose, skin relief improvement, body contouring.


    Lymphatic drainages procedure is recommended after each cavitation session.

    • duration: 20-40 min;


    • treatment course consists of 4-8 procedures with 5-6 days interval.


Ultrasonic spatula: 1

  • ultrasonic frequency: 3W/cm2;
  • motion frequency: 25KHz;
  • step power control: step 10%;
  • weight: 0,3kg.


Face probe: 2

  • ultrasonic frequency: Max-2W/cm2;
  • operating surface: 1 cm2;
  • motion frequency: 2,5 MHz;
  • weight: 0,2 kg.


Cavitation probe for body: 1

  • ultrasonic frequency: Max50W;
  • operating surface: 40 cm2;
  • motion frequency: 35-45 KHz;
  • weight: 0,7 kg.