Eco-friendly Moisturizing Haze for skin and hair

Ref: 2017000

Moisturizing haze fights the action of free radicals, fixes makeup and saturates the skin with oxygen. Just one click!

light non-sticky texture
quickly absorbed
fixes makeup

46% increase in protection against the penetration of carbon particles (greenhouse gases, waste, chemicals)
95% reduction in permeability for heavy metals (tobacco, exhaust gases, industrial waste)
68% reduction in toxic effects from exposure to fine suspended particles (diesel, pesticides, heating)

How to use:
Spray the product on the desired area (face, neck, hair or hands), holding the bottle at a distance of about 20 cm.
Eyes must be closed during spraying. Use during the day as many times as necessary.
Can be applied over makeup.

Thermal water from the Pyrenees: 88%
Active protective ingredient anti-pollution: 5%
Moisturizing Biocomplex: 3%