Lumina Vit A + E Night Cream

Ref: BE-00006

Restorative Balancing Night Cream

Vitamin A 0.26%
Blue Light Filter 2%
Vitamin E 1%, BHA / BHT 0.1%
Resveratrol 0.004%.


  • An innovative night recovery cream that helps prevent signs of aging and revitalize, smooth and brighten skin. Recommended for reducing visible and invisible age spots and unifying skin tone.The exclusive Lumina Vit A + E formula stimulates skin adaptive responses to prepare it for light exposure.
  • The high concentration of pure vitamins A and E provides the maximum moisturizing and antioxidant effect that prevents damage caused by free radicals and helps to maintain healthy skin without defects.
  • Lumina Vit A + E improves epidermal integrity and natural skin balance. It is specifically designed to protect against aggressive environments such as pollution, sunlight, artificial light emitted by electronic devices, or stress, helping to maintain the natural rhythm of skin cells.

Cream fluid in a tube 30 ml