Palomar Vectus laser system


Palomar has introduced and formalized the notion of “permanent laser removal of unwanted hair” on the market of aesthetics. In 1997 the company received the first United States FDA clearance for laser hair removal.


Today Palomar introduces new generation of lasers for hair removal – Palomar Vectus™ laser system.


Palomar Vectus™ laser system is the most reasonable decision for laser hair removal. High efficacy, considerable laser resource, high speed, large and small optics with skin-cooling effect make the laser the most demanded one among most of competitive systems.


Palomar Vectus™ uses safe and comfort advanced technologies for large-area even and constant hair removal suitable of all hair types.


Sapphire treatment and equal distribution of the light beam reduces the necessity of several procedures. Palomar Vectus™ laser system allows providers to quickly treat unwanted hair, even in the largest areas, such as the back, in less than five minutes.


The Vectus hair removal system features the SkinTel Melanin Reader – the only one cleared by FDA, makes laser hair removal safer than ever by customizing the laser settings for your particular skin type.

Settings are applied with special button at sensor screen, Skintel™ reader has a color information screen and wireless system transferring melanin index indicators to Palomar Vectus™ system .

  • laser hair removal;
  • pseudofolliculitis treatment;
  • vascular lesions up to 3 mm diameter;
  • pigmentation lesions;
  • treatment of vascular neoplasms – angiomas, hemangiomas, telangiectasias and other benign vascular neoplasms.
  • laser hair removal: 4 to6 treatments;
  • vascular lesions – 1-2 treatments. For more complicated haemangioma – 4-5 treatments;
  • pigmentation lesions – 1-2 treatments;
  • leg veins removal – vein is closed during 1 treatment.


Palomar Vectus™ menu features history record of conducted treatments personally for each patient, saving the date, skin area and treatments parameters.

There is no need to keep a register with all patients’ treatment parameters, all the needed information is provided by Palomar Vectus™ in convenient animated form.


Palomar Vectus™ laser system opens new opportunities in most frequent concerns treatment.



laser type: diode;

wavelength: 810 ± 20 nm;

spot size: 23 mm x 38 mm (large sapphire optic), 12mm x 12mm (small sapphire optics);

pulse width (ajustable): 85 — 300 ms;

maximum fluence: 20 J/cm2 (large sapphire optic), 100 J/cm2 (small sapphire optic);

repetition rate: up tp 3 Hz;

pulse input: foot pedal or tip switch;

max power Input: 1100 W;

system cooling for sapphire: 20° C (large sapphire optic), 4° C (small sapphire optic).