Ref: 3960

After intense sports and physical activity.
VIVAX Sport regenerating sports cream – used for injuries for quick rehabilitation – from bruises, sprains and muscle pain.


  • restores ligaments and joints after bruises, helps eliminate muscle strain;
  • has a lymphatic drainage effect, reduces swelling and hematomas;
  • accelerates the healing of tendons damaged during training, relieves pain;
  • increases joint mobility and increases muscle tissue elasticity;
  • relieves cramps and restores neuromuscular conduction;
  • reduces muscle pain after exercise caused by sprain;
  • is an effective tool for the prevention of varicose veins.

Apply with light massaging movements to actively working muscle groups or an area that is injured and sore. Do not rub. It is recommended to use at least 2 times a day.

Complexes AK-8 / AK-12 (peptides of cartilage and muscle tissue). The components of the regenerating agent contribute to the rapid regeneration of ligaments and joints after bruises, restore neuromuscular conduction, help eliminate muscle tension, relieve cramps caused by intense sports loads.
Complexes AK-1 / AK-9 (peptides of the pineal gland and thymus) contribute to the accelerated healing of muscles, ligaments and joints, normalize metabolism and stimulate the regeneration of the site, which hurts from bruising or stretching. In combination with complexes AK-3 / AK-7 containing peptides of the pancreas and blood vessels, accelerate the reduction of hematomas and swelling.