Belex-08 cosmetic multiple device




BELEX-08 is one single apparatus integrating:

  • D’arsonval device: bactericidal, rejuvenating, thermal and absorbable:
  • brossage module: make-up removal, peeling;
  • vacuum: vacuum massage, vacuum cleaning, vacuum spray;
  • lymph-drainage;
  • galvanic iontophoresis, desincrustation (preparation for cleaning).


The device perfectly fits beauty salons, allowing beauty-therapist to improve their professional opportunities for the best performance.


For loyal clients there can be developed full programs for skin treatment including vacuum massage, vacuum cleaning ensuring more effective and visible results after the sessions.


Iontophoresis promotes deep penetration of the main components of applied serums, lotions, emulsions, ensuring more continuous results from salon procedures and motivating clients to visit beauty salons again and again.

Beauty-therapist often hear their clients complaining about pimples or other skin irritations and asking to remove such defects as soon as possible; Belex-08  features anti-bacterial D’arsonval device perfectly neutralizing skin irritation in record time.


As we age, muscle tone goes weaker and toning effect of manual massages cannot be compared to the current impact. Adhesive and labile   electrodes allow face contouring using soft and then intensive modes. The results are highly appreciated not just by patients but by therapists as well – after the very first session face contours get distinctive. Platisma shortens and smooths neck and chin lines. Toned face muscles form a frame and recover face contour, this is the principle of lifting effect.


Important characteristics of all Sorisa face and body devices are light and correct application of electrodes and absolutely painless and pleasant procedures. Brilliant effect of 10-15 sessions with 1-2 intervals per year will bring your salon loyal and grateful clients. Belex-08 allows therapist to postpone plastic surgeries of aging clients.


In-built microprocessor carefully controls all session operations for maximum results.

High performance devices allow Sorisa to keep leading positions in European market for 20 years.


Design of the device brightens interior of any beauty salon and doesn’t go unnoticed by clients. After you get BELEX-08 EXCELLENS get ready to answer questions “what is this device?” and tell about benefits of its new procedures which will be definitely evaluated by your clients.


There are two version of the device – one with stand for on-floor placement and free movement around the salon; the other variant is table-type (special Sorisa tables fitting the equipment design are available).



BELEX-08 was designed for any facial treatment you wish: from skin cleansing and hygiene or exfoliation, to specific moisturising, revitalising, anti-wrinkle, refirming, antiseborrhoeic, anti-acne;  it can also be completed with vaporizer (ozonator). Its configurations turn the device into real powerhorse of any beauty salon.


The device also features the most updated systems of electrical safety including double isolation of all electric schemes, grounding connection for all metal components, etc.


All  BELEX-08 components are protected by the highest control devices, avoiding any accidents during the device operation.


For example, current supply automatically switches off in case of electricity generator mishandling. High intensity module features its own switch placed in electrode holder lever.

The current is supplied only if the switch is on and immediately stops when the switch is not pressed on. This helps the therapist to keep the situation under control all the time.


All these characteristics make BELEX-08 safety and convenient for therapists and patients.

Used currents for ionization, desincrustation and galvanizing


  • current for myostimulation bipolar
    • impulse with frequency 100 Hz:
    • reduction time– 0.7 s.
    • relaxation time – 1.2 s.
  • power: 180 W;
  • voltage: 220 V;
  • weight: 19 kg;
  • high Frequency: Approx. frequency 150-200 KHz;
  • flow rate 12 l/min;
  • maximum vacuum – 600 mm.Hg’
  • brossage brushes (20, 40, 55, 70 mm.);
  • warranty – 1




We appreciate and respect our clients, for this reason our devices are accompanied with detailed manuals performed by our practicing therapists – beauty-experts, physio-therapists, answering all possible questions about Sorisa devices operation; we train perfect procedure performance and any usage information is available for free any time after the purchase