Ultra Lift
Ultra Lift
Ultra Lift, Ultra Lift Pro and Ultra Lift devices development was based on requirements of practicing beauty therapists – all functional elements and characteristics are considered down to the latest detail.

Carefully selected ultrasound frequency causes no discomfort to customer of therapist, has no side-effects.

High safety of Ultra Lift, Ultra Lift Pro и Ultra Lift C is ensured by quality details.

Academy of Scientific Beauty provides product support and education during guarantee and after-guarantee period.

The devices can be delivered with cosmetic products specially developed for ultra sound procedures; also they work with any gel forms and serums.

Ultra sound movements make intensive cellular massage, increase microcirculation and oxynate skin.

Ultra sound increases connective tissue elasticity restoring collagen and elastin fibers, tones muscles, improves lymph outflow.

Ultra sound waves penetrate to tissues and make molecular and cellular massage, improving epithelial and vascular penetration, have anti-edematous, defibrizing and lipolytic effects.

Ultrasound improves oxygenation of tissues, normalizes oxidation-restorative processes, activates metabolism, and thereby increases the regenerative capacity of the skin. Ultrasound improves trophic processes in the skin and stimulates fibroblasts responsible for the production of collagen and elastin fibers.
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