S.O.R.International.S.A. Company
SORISA Spanish trademark has been operating on the market for over 40 years; it keeps leading position among manufacturers of multifunction cosmetological equipment for beauty salons and medical centers.
SORISA – is quality and innovations for beauty and health.

Being the largest producer in Spain SORISA is leading developer and marketer of equipment for rejuvenation, remodeling, phototherapy, SPA, presstherapy and many other directions.

SORISA develops profitable procedures, being a strong competitor on the aesthetics market.

SORISA Spanish offices and education centers are located in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Seville and Valencia.
Since the moment of its foundation in 1973, SORISA sets the style in:
• technological innovations;
• quality
• medical research and education;
• quality standards and international systems requirements;
• marketing decisions;
• customer care;
• international markets penetration (70 countries);
• SORISA is about technological innovations and fresh solutions.

R&D+i devision conducts numerous researches of the highest level, setting new milestones in technologies;
We constantly renovate and apply advance technologies insuring integrated decisions for the most demanding clients.

SORISA is a synonym to efficacy and guaranteed quality.

Since the moment of its foundation company main priority has been total quality of production for the best products quality.

We guarantee maximum functionality and productivity of any device over the entire period of its service.

We take a firm control over production process and quality.

SORISA – medical researches for constant evolution.
Medical researches division guarantees maximum efficacy of procedures by our wide range devices and medical products.

We study market demands carefully and for many years we cooperate with the most prestigious world Universities and Science Centers, including Oxford, Amsterdam and Barcelona.

SORISA is strict conformation to legislative requirements and careful control.

ALL SORISA products conform to Spanish Ministry of Health legislation and European standards.

Since 1997 SORISA production is certified by ISO9001 and special health standards ISO13485 since 2001.

SORISA products – innovations for quality life

Our products are results of 40 years developments and innovations for profitable decisions in aesthetics.

SORISA – leading brand for professionals in the following directions:
- face procedures;
- body modeling;
- phototherapy;
- cosmetics;
- cosmetic furniture;
- SPA – Wellness

All SORISA equipment is easy to use, user-friendly. Installed programs help to match custom treatment for every patient concerns. SORISA equipment is compatible with any cosmetic products. Special cosmetic furniture and accessories are produced of eco-friendly materials.

SORISA equipment is quite popular on aesthetics market due to its omnitude, easy to use, perfect design and good value for money.