LIPOFREEZE –innovative device for comfort and safe fat reducing in common problem areas.
One-hour procedure with Lipofreeze device launces scheduled fat cells death process resulting in 20-25% fat reduce.
Benefits of cryolipoliz with Lipofreeze:
- the procedure is safe. No side effects typical for most of other fat reduce methods;
- efficacy. Fat is consistently and predictively reduced in the effected area;
- Lipofreeze has selective effect at fat, no other tissues are affected.
Cryolipoliz — is subdermal fat treatment technique based on controlled and selective freeze of fat tissues, it results on further launch of scheduled fat cells death process.

Cryolipoliz differs from other traditional techniques of injectable and apparatus fat reduce as it
prevents skin injury, scars and fibroplasia. As fat volume constantly reduces there is no impact on vitals and organism.

The cryolipolysis method is based on prolonged hypoxia and lowering of subcutaneous fat temperature to about +25 degrees, which subsequently leads to apoptosis of fat cells, i.e. their natural death. This physiological process lasts for 50-70 days. The unique cryolipolysis technology completely excludes cold damage to the skin, vessels, nerves and internal organs, because the freezing temperature of triglycerides is much higher than the freezing temperature of other biological substances and liquids.

A vacuum applicator is applied to the problem area. Between the vacuum applicator and the skin, there is a napkin impregnated with a special solution, protecting the skin from hypothermia. Fat fold is pulled into the applicator and cooled for an hour.

Cryolipolysis result is average 25% fat reduction after 1 treatment. Results are visible within 1 to 2 months following Lipo-Freeze.
Depending on customer wishes and fat fiber depth, 1 to 3 procedures are required every 2 months.