Irridium Eyes Pressotherapy
Iridium eye pressure therapy is a unique device that is made on the basis of the use of lymphatic drainage treatment, in which air pressure is the key.
Irridium Eyes Pressotherapy
Beauty gadget Irridium Eyes Pressotherapy is designed to massage the delicate eye area. The skin around the eyes is very delicate and vulnerable, so it is often the first to undergo age-related changes. In addition, daily stress, computer work, lack of sleep and poor ecology also negatively affect both the skin around the eyes and the eyes themselves, provoking premature aging and constant tension in this area.

The purpose of therapy with Iridium is to improve the absorbency of the active components of care products. In addition, the device helps to distribute stagnant sperm and prevent its accumulation. As a result of eye pressure therapy with Iridium, puffiness is removed, a healthy glow and texture of the skin around the eyes are restored.Irridium Eyes Pressotherapy helps maintain eye health, as well as relieve tension in the forehead and eyelids, improves blood circulation and prevents dry eyes.

One of the features of pressotherapy with Iridium Eyes Pressotherapy is meditation. Unobtrusive relaxing music is integrated into the device, so when using Iridium, an exceptional atmosphere of relaxation is created, which helps to relieve stress and tension.
Beauty gadget Irridium Eyes Pressotherapy