Skin diagnosis software
Dermacheck device allows beauty experts to determine not just visible skin concerns but also see hidden ones which will get visible in few years. Multifunctional sensors and scanner give a high quality face picture in ultra violet and polarized light. It allows a beauty therapist to make analysis of skin hydration and lipid level, number and depth of wrinkles, pigmentation, elasticity, color and temperature of skin. Comparison of indications by 3D picture overlay helps to make a careful analysis of skin tone, develop schedules and recommendations.

Such diagnostics doesn’t just show the number of wrinkles but helps to measure their depth, determine the size of pigment spot, and compare the results with recommendations for different ages.
Often the results are unexpected for beauty salons clients, as they reveal hidden state of skin invisible even with magnifying lamp.

Dermacheck device forecasts skin appearance in few years in case the client follows therapists recommendations and if not.

After collecting all client’s information Dermacheck recommends most suitable skincare salon program and in-home products. All collected data, pictures and recommendations are saved in the device, and they can be compared after procedures.