VIVAX СRYO PRO and VIVAX СRYO PRO (Key) devices operation is based on local effect of low temperatures at surface body tissues. Local cryotherapy effect is achieved under the temperatures + 5° С up to 0°С. Higher temperature doesn’t allow a desired result and temperature below 0°С gives a destructive effect instead of stimulation, as it causes crystallization of tissue and intracellular fluids.

Refrigeration generation is operate by the Peltier effect: the device has two sides, and when a DC electric current flows through the device, it brings heat from one side to the other, so that one side gets cooler while the other gets hotter.
The temperature for VIVAX СRYO PRO and VIVAX СRYO PRO (Key) can be set accurately to within 1°С and preserved for necessary time period.

Cryotherapy: overview, mechanism of action:

1. analgesic effect resulted by nocireceptors block. 3-4 minutes surface anesthesia allows scrubbing procedure for sensitive skin;
2. vasoactive effect
- cold-induced vasoconstriction
- reflective vasodilation occurs when cryosource continues local impact for 4-5 minutes on certain surface. At this moment venoarterial vessels and microvascular vessels distent. Venous drainage lymph efflux enhances, all metabolic process are activated. Vasoactive process effects not only dermal level but also deeper skin underneath, mimic muscles, etc.
3. dermocryophoresis (the cold directly induces a vasoconstriction of the skin microcirculation) occurs in parallel with vasoactive effect during medical cosmetics application. During vasodilatation penetrability of vessel wall increases resulting in product penetration to deep derma layers.
4. cryostimulation is resulted by cold shock in tissues, biologically active substances are revealed and activate reparative processes.
5. lymphatic and anti-edemic effects are resulted by hand piece action in direction from face center to periphery along lymph efflux to mainline lymph collectors.
6. immediate lifting resulted by cryosource indluence to tactile sensors. Prolonged lifting effect appears after a procedures course when microcirculation and metabolic process in tissues and muscles.

Advantages of the technique:
1. physiologic influence on tissue structures, vessels, lymph canals, muscles;
2. procedure is possible during active insolation period, reconcilable with other aesthetic procedures: peelings, apparatus aesthetics, mesotherapy.

1. aging prevention and cure – enhances skin turgor, resilience and elasticity;
2. activation of blood circulation, microcirculation recovery for unhealthy color of skin resulted by oxygen deficiency, smoking, diseases;
3. puffiness and edema;
4. face, neck, decolletage and breast areas lifting;
5. internal aging control, physiological tissues ptosis, water retention increase;
6. preparation to deep peelings, laser resurfacing, plastic surgeries and rehab even of the earliest period;
7. skeletal muscles preparation to physical exercise.

Intensive course: 8-10 procedures twice a week.
Support cource: once in 7-10 days if necessary.

Cryotherapy with VIVAX СRYO PRO and VIVAX СRYO PRO (Key) has no limit of age, suitable for summer and winter time.

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