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Brand history

SKINEXIANS – ultra innovative aesthetic devices for beauty salons and medical clinics designed to support the body beauty - suction therapy, cellulite treatment, skin tone improvement, skin tightening. Visible results are observed in treatment of mimic wrinkles, double chin, and skin turgor.
SKINEXIANS - developer of aesthetic devices was previously named Ivea Technologie and represented in more than 25 countries of the world.
SKINEXIANS comes from English Skin Science. 20 years of the company clinic researches were devoted to cellulite and fragile skin cure, resulting in development of perfect aesthetic devices for medical proven cure results.
SKINEXIANS is best known as a manufacturer of Skintonic device for suction therapy, which still has no competitors.
Skintonic was created by Dr Serge Karagozian, the father skin suction massaging method and one of
LPG device developers.

Skintonic embodies all benefits: adjustability, zero supply costs, it’s suitable for small and big areas treatment, completely safe.

Suction therapy is anti-cellulite technique with reflexive and therapeutic effect on vascular and lymph systems. Skin layers are toned up to muscular layer.
SKINEXIANS represents three cosmetic devices and JOYSKIN motorisrd cartridge.
FULL SKIN – new advanced version of the legendary Skintonic – for face and body vacuum massage;
JOYSKIN CARTRIDGE – motorised head to Le Skin и Full Skin for suction therapy;
LE DERMO V4 – aesthetic device for suction therapy;
ACTIVEA – ULTRA BF36 – ultra sound device for body correction with proven clinical efficacy.
SKINEXIANS devices are the most profitable among suction therapy devices for competitive price and with zero supply costs.