Academy of Scientific Beauty Corporation guarantees omnidirectional training and education for you and your employees
Training workshops for beauty therapists, doctors and beauty industry representatives
Operating in aesthetic medicine requires constant improvements in knowledge and experience, learning new direction and techniques to correspond high level of clients’ demands and undertake needed procedures at the highest level of efficiency.
Highly qualified experts – dermatologists and beauty therapists, physiatrist hold monthly workshops on equipment operation, aesthetic care aspects, implementation of aesthetic correction innovational techniques. The workshops are held in ASB Education Centers.
Education conferences involving international speakers
(Русский) курсы
Academy of Scientific Beauty consistently organizes large-scale conferences, round tables involving best local and international speakers. Our coaches achieve international certification. Partners have an opportunity to complete international traineeship offering not just new field experience and new knowledge but also introduce culture of other countries and give a good energy boost.
(Русский) Евгения Глебова
(Русский) Врач-косметолог, национальный тренер Skin Tech Pharma Group, RRS Long Lasting (Украина)
Ihor Antonyuk
– surgeon, laser therapist, coach of Academy of Scientific Beauty on Palomar systems, Sorisa equipment, IVEA Technologie, Ultra Lift, Cryo Pro
Lyudmila Bezpalko
- Candidate of Medicine, plastic surgeon, coach of Academy of Scientific Beauty
Irha Lina
Obstetrician-gynecologist, gynecologist, endocrinologist-gynecologist. Leading Specialist, Department Head Medical Center "Dopomoga Plus Feofaniya"
Trainer of the Academy of Scientific Beauty
Katerina Iliasova
– beauty therapist, coach of Academy of Scientific Beauty
(Русский) Михайлова Ирина
(Русский) Врач-косметолог, клиники Комплимент, сертифицированный специалист
в области инъекционных, аппаратных и нитевых методик.
Тренер «Академии Научной Красоты» по направлению anti-aging
г. Киев
Kseniya Kisimes
– dermatologist, beauty therapist, coach of Academy of Scientific Beauty
Kroshka Nadezhda
Doctor - aesthetic medicine, maxillofacial surgeon. Trainer of the Academy of Scientific Beauty
(Русский) Олег Лепендин
(Русский) Пластический хирург, доктор эстетической медицины,-клиника косметической хирургии "Визит-Косметик"
Тренер "Академии Научной Красоты"
г. Киев
Marina Nikitina
Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Assistant of the Department in the NUPh, aesthetic cosmetologist
Trainer "Academy of Scientific Beauty"
Movchan Ekaterina
The doctor is a dermatocosmetologist. Trainer of the Academy of Scientific Beauty
Odessa city
(Русский) Цокур Леонид
(Русский) Врач- реабилитолог
Тренер "Академии Научной Красоты"
г. Днепр
Babich Yekaterina
Dermatologist, cosmetologist. Trainer of the Academy of Scientific Beauty
Dnipro city
Yana Honcharenko
– dermatologist, coach of Academy of Scientific Beauty
(Русский) Оксана Разинкина
(Русский) Врач дерматокосметолог
Тренер «Академии Научной Красоты»
г. Одесса
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