UNIVERSKIN is a scientific-research laboratory specializing on regenerative medical technologies. It was founded in Nice (France) in 2006 by a science council of dermatologists, plastic surgeons, skin physiologists, pharmacists including such famous experts as Dr Benjamin Ascher, Dr Henry Delmar, Dr Phillippe Kestemont and other.

No other skincare program as powerfully addresses every skincare concern you might have, with formulations developed specifically – and precisely – for you. Company moto: “YourSkin – YourFormula”.

Tailor-made serum is created from a blend of 19 ingredients, giving 1159 variants of recipes in their different combinations.
Each of them is a personal key for any skin concern. There is a special questionnaire designed for precise diagnosis and skin analyses, it helps doctors to determine precise formulations for patient’s skin and create a skincare serum containing hypoallergenic and effective ingredients, no conservative or flavoring agents.

Such approach successfully cures rosacea, hyperpigmentation, acne, age changes and many other concerns.

All possible formulas by UNIVERSKIN TM are registered in at the European department of The Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP), and are recognized as safe and reliable by world-known EUROTOX organization.