Complex effect of herbal components and microelements for skin& silhouette beauty.
Body wrap treatment used to reduce excess body volume “by the minute”
The heart of the T-Shock 31 treatment lies in the synergy of 31 medicinal plants, selected by Centro Messegué, in a special formulation of balanced and efficient active ingredients. Unique recipe and well-balanced ingredients ensure a combined effect: draining, fat-splitting and thermogenic.

T-SHOCK 31 is a high-performance medical procedure, ensuring visible volume lose, skin tone and resilience enhancement, urinative anti-cellulite, and tone-up effect, water-salt metabolism recovery, lymphocyte system activation, angenesis, skin and body anti-aging effect.

T-SHOCK 31 procedure is based on scientific studies of French herbalist Maurice Messegue. The method was developed by Italian Centro Mességué TM experts, specialized in in-home and professional skincare products.

Maurice Messegue is one the few people of the planet, called a genius. He devoted his entire life to development and improvement of phytotherapy health programs.

T-SHOCK 31 body wrap treatment by Centro Mességué doesn’t just reduce excess body volume, but also gives clear proves – special aspect of the procedure is measuring “before” and “after”. The procedure is quite simple as it needs minimum devices: gel, saults and bandages for wrapping. Significant result of T- SHOCK 31 is guaranteed by active concentrates of 31 plants, combined according to unique recipe and T- SHOCK 31 body wrap.

T-SHOCK 31 dependable results:
• visible volume decrease;
• enhanced skin tightness and resilience;
• water-salt metabolism recovery;
• skin hydration and nutrition;
• lymphocyte system stimulation;
• anti-edemic, detox, urinative anti-cellulite, and tone-up effects.

T-SHOCK 31 advantages for professionals:
• procedure simplicity;
• minimal number of procedure stages;
• measures before and after the procedure give clear proves of volume decease;
• high performance for minimum costs.

T-SHOCK 31 is an elegant phytotherapy ritual revealing all health properties of phytoextracts for beauty and perfect body.